Seeking Ayurvedic Medicine in Toronto?

Integrative Ayurvedic medicine combines the best of East and West.

In her Toronto clinic, Ismat Dhala-Nathani delivers classical styles of Ayurvedic, naturopathic and yogic therapies, expertly integrated with Western nutrition, herbology and other modalities of natural medicine to provide truly individualized care. A lifelong natural medicine teacher and international lecturer, she is the only practitioner outside of India to offer the unique therapy and Vedic science of Nadi-Vigyan.

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Integrative Ayurvedic Medicine Offers Many Solutions for Modern Wellness

Modern health challenges reflect the consequences of stressful living, nutrient-deficient diets, and excessive exposure to electro-magnetic radiation. Many individuals struggle to keep up with their fast-paced lives and suffer from compromised health.

If you are like many of our integrative ayurvedic medicine patients here in Toronto,

  • You are seeking the freedom, empowerment, and resilience that come with self-healing.
  • You are challenged by health issues but are willing to gain an inner understanding of yourself to make your life better and reduce the impacts of stress on your body.
  • You seek ancient wisdom and natural medicine for common health issues but get discouraged with long protocols.

Our wellness and healthcare principles are based on 3,000 years of ancient Vedic sciences, such as Ayurveda and Yoga, which are time-proven sources of knowledge and efficient natural medicine protocols.

An Integrative Ayurvedic medicine expert in Toronto

Ismat Dhala-Nathani practiced and taught internationally before bringing her unique skill set to Toronto!  Her goal is to provide simple, effective, and individualized health solutions by combining traditional Indian medicine and western holistic / naturopathic medicine.

She offers naturotherapy tools to individuals for health and wellbeing, catering to the climate and lifestyles of Canadians with what she calls integrative ayurvedic medicine.

What Integrative Ayurvedic medicine can do for you

Expect a journey of transformation from dis-ease to well-being that starts with self-care, taking you through the realm of empowerment and longevity to complete fulfilment and peace within.

The focus of this natural medicine is to help you become independent in maintaining balanced health, preventing disease, and
rejuvenating yourself.  This is acquired through self-knowledge and healing experiences.
Know that the wisdom that governs the laws of nature also influences your well-being.

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