Meet Ismat Dhala-Nathani, Practitioner and Teacher of Ayurveda in Toronto

“I truly believe that any health issue, addressed rightly and at the right time, can be totally healed. My mission is to provide the most effective care with simple remedials.”

– Ismat Dhala-Nathani

Ismat Dhala-Nathani’s commitment to natural medicine has spanned twenty-four years and three continents. She brings specialized knowledge and the highest professional standards to her unique model of integrative Ayurvedic care—a blend of traditional Indian medicine with Western holistic and naturopathic medicine.

Her practice is especially empowering to members of modern society because she offers both the authenticity of ancient wisdom and the practicality of simple methods that fit into our fast-paced, stress-filled daily lives. Ismat Dhala-Nathani integrates clinical proficiency with compassionate care, a combination that results in self-healing, inner understanding, and empowerment for her clients.

Her experience with Ayurveda ranges from initiate to doctorate, academic to administrator, but first and always: an empathetic healer and teacher with the distinct advantage of equal training in Eastern and Western health sciences.

A Lifetime of Ayurveda

Ismat Dhala-Nathani’s story is almost the stuff of movies. She was initiated by her guru (teacher) at the young age of sixteen to study the art and science of meridians (nadi) and energy work. Later, she attended university and earned a doctorate in Indian naturopathic medicine.

In India, she led a team of fifteen health practitioners and managed a busy clinic. As an academic, she frequently attended speaking engagements with her guru and translated on his behalf. That is when she found her love of speaking and sharing Ayurveda with large audiences.

Ismat attended university in the United Kingdom, where she earned both a master’s degree and post-master’s degree in Integrative Medicine. While in the UK, she was appointed consultant to the largest integrative health center in the country, Hale Clinic, founded by Prince Charles.

“I’ve never changed careers, just continents.”

Her journey then took her to Toronto, Canada. After a few years of starting a family and adjusting to North America, her spirit urged her to create a home for Ayurveda in Canada. She responded to this call by founding the not-for-profit Centre for Ayurveda and Indian Systems of Healing in Toronto in 2002. There, she creates the curriculum and teaches both practitioners and the community about Ayurveda.

Ismat has single-handedly trained over 100 students in Canada, who are now successful practitioners, and continues to partner internationally with communities through workshops and speaking engagements. Her mission is to reach as many individuals as possible to spread the empowerment of health and wellbeing to the world.

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In the World of Ayurveda: Expert Speaker / Facilitator / Contributor

Ismat Dhala-Nathani has shared, facilitated, and spoken internationally at various university programs, conferences, and corporate seminars, including:

  • University of Toronto & Michener Institute – Contributor of Ayurvedic Medicine module for integrative programs in the department of Radiology & Radiation
  • Centennial College – Registered Massage Therapy Program project on Ayurvedic Medicine in Canada
  • University of Toronto May 2006 – Student project South Asian Studies
  • University of Toronto 2007-2014 – Ayurvedic Medicine lecture/studies Health sciences undergraduate program
  • Michner Institute 2007-2008 – Ayurvedic module CAM course
  • McMaster University 2008 – Post-graduate research program project participation
  • National Ayurvedic Medicine Association (USA) School Council – Contributed required standards and training
  • Yoga Conference 2008 Ayurvedic Pavilion
  • Traditional Medicine Conference 2002 Ryerson University
  • FACT 2007 Ayurvedic Banquet
  • Total Health Show speaker
  • Yoga Conference 2016
  • Ayurveda Symposium 2016
  • Intuit Canada 2017
  • Ayurveda Conference Toronto 2017
  • Ayurveda World Congress, India 2018 

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