What Does Integrative Ayurvedic Care Look Like?

Ismat Dhala-Nathani provides thorough health and wellness assessments and treatments using several natural medicine modalities. Her practice is based on the integration of Ayurveda, Yoga, Marma, Indian Naturopathy, and Western Natural Medicine. Her integrative Ayurvedic medicine approach includes the following.

Ismat Dhala-Nathani’s Integrative Ayurvedic Care Process

1. Physical and mental checkup using traditional Indian Medicine principles
• Ayurvedic readings of pulse, eyes, tongue, and nails to determine the balance of your doshic and pranic state
• Abdominal and other body tissue palpations
• Spinal and trigger points assessed based on the Nadis (subtle channel system) and Marma points
2. Customized nutritional planning
3. Psycho-physical lifestyle guidelines
4. Herbal therapies for treatment of health conditions
5. Marma therapy for specific symptoms
6. Advice on exercise and activity

For chronic conditions, a series of Marma therapy may be required or a five-fold detoxification program, called Panchakarma, may be encouraged. As part of the treatment plan, intensive nutritional guidelines, herbal protocols, lifestyle and exercise, and other integrated therapy recommendations are provided.

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